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Welcome to UK Detectives, your trusted source for professional investigative services in Worcestershire. Our team of licensed private investigators is dedicated to uncovering the truth and providing accurate information to our clients. With extensive experience and a commitment to excellence, we handle a wide range of investigative needs with professionalism and discretion. From background checks to complex legal cases, missing persons to fraud detection, we have the expertise and resources to navigate intricate investigations. Confidentiality is paramount, and we handle all information with care and respect. Trusted by individuals, businesses, attorneys, and organizations throughout the UK, our solid reputation reflects our commitment to achieving results. Contact us at UK Detectives for professional investigative services tailored to your specific needs. Unveil the truth with confidence—choose us as your trusted partner in uncovering the answers you seek.

Our Worcestershire Offices Are Located At

285 Edgar Street, Worcester – 98A St John Street, Bromsgrove



"You found my dad. YOU FOUND MY DAD! Thank you."
- Melissa, London 


"It was a rather worrisome time for me but UKD gave me the peace of mind I needed and now things are fine"
- Mehmet, Birmingham


"Very satisfied with your work. Very professional and delivered as promised."
- Jon, Kent


"We run a recruitment consultancy company and had reason to believe that one of our employees was passing on documents and information to our competitors.. We asked UKDETECTIVES to investigate. We found them to be professional and fast at retrieving all the evidence needed is for us to take the matter further. I would highly recommend them."
- Peter, Surrey


Q: Are the investigators at UK Detectives licensed?
A: Yes, all our investigators are licensed professionals with the necessary credentials and expertise to conduct investigations in compliance with the law.

Q: What types of cases does UK Detectives handle?
A: UK Detectives handles a wide range of cases, including infidelity investigations, missing persons, background checks, fraud investigations, corporate investigations, and more. We have the knowledge and resources to handle diverse investigative needs.

Q: How discreet is UK Detectives in handling sensitive cases?
A: Discretion is of utmost importance to us. We understand the sensitive nature of our clients' cases, and we maintain strict confidentiality throughout the entire investigation process.

Q: How long does an investigation with UK Detectives typically take?
A: The duration of an investigation varies depending on the complexity of the case. We strive to complete investigations in a timely manner while ensuring thoroughness and accuracy.

Q: Can UK Detectives handle international investigations?
A: Yes, we have the capability to handle international investigations. Our network of trusted contacts and resources enables us to conduct investigations both within the United Kingdom and abroad.

Q: Can I trust the information obtained by UK Detectives?
A: Absolutely. We conduct our investigations with the utmost professionalism and integrity. The information we provide is accurate, reliable, and obtained through lawful means.

Q: How much do the services of UK Detectives cost?
A: The cost of our services depends on various factors, such as the nature of the case, the complexity of the investigation, and the resources required. We provide personalized quotes based on the specific details of each case.

Q: Can UK Detectives provide evidence for legal purposes?
A: Yes, we gather evidence using professional and ethical investigative methods. The evidence we provide can be used for legal purposes, subject to the applicable rules and regulations.

Q: Can UK Detectives help individuals with personal matters, such as infidelity investigations?
A: Yes, we understand the sensitive nature of personal matters. Our skilled investigators are experienced in conducting discreet infidelity investigations, helping clients uncover the truth in a compassionate and supportive manner.

Q: How can I get started with UK Detectives?
A: Getting started is simple. You can contact us through our website or by phone to discuss your specific needs and concerns. We will provide a confidential consultation and guide you through the process of initiating an investigation with UK Detectives.


To get in touch with us at UK Detectives, please feel free to contact our dedicated team. Whether you have questions, require further information, or are ready to initiate an investigation, we are here to assist you. You can reach us by phone, or you can fill out our online form. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to listen to your concerns, provide guidance, and develop a tailored investigative plan to meet your specific needs. Don't hesitate to reach out to us at UK Detectives—we are here to help you uncover the truth.

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